3 Ways to Make Sure You Exercise During the Holidays


We all know that the holidays can challenge our workout routines. It’s cold outside, and there are tons of fun places to go. When you have to manage, your already-busy schedule things can get tricky. You have to fit in parties, family visits and holiday shopping.

There is a ton of delicious and sugary for that is everywhere this time of the year. Candies, cookies, eggnog, you name it. You need to keep moving. I’ve made a short list of things that I recommend this time of the year to keep you going, even when all you want to do is curl up with more hot chocolate.


1. Look for any excuse to squeeze in a workout

You might feel like you don’t have the time to keep up with your workout routine because of all of the shopping, traveling, and parties with your family and friends. You don’t need to dedicate a full 30 minutes to your workout if you’re this busy. Instead, you should take any free time that you have and do a few push-ups or crunches. When you are in the mall take the stairs or consider walking home from that party instead of taking the cab (only if it’s a reasonable distance obviously). If you can only get a 10 minute power-walk in every day, trust me, that’s better than nothing!


2. Fire yourself up

This is something that I do to get me excited and motivated for the day ahead. It’s simple — I make a checklist in the morning of the ten things I want to accomplish that day. It’s amazing how gratifying it is to check tasks off that list as you get things done. Make your workout part of that list and don’t let yourself end the day without marking off that box.


3. Follow through

Recruit others to help you stay accountable. Talk with a friend or your partner about your holiday fitness goals, and have them help you stay on track. Maybe you’ll get a workout buddy in the process, or just someone to text you reminders and motivation. Knowing that there’s someone else out there keeping tabs on your progress may spur you to keep up!

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